The recipient of the April 2023 Employee Recognition Award is Brad Allen.  Brad is an adult Case Manager working in our Outreach program, specifically with the homeless population.  Brad was nominated for his recent assistance to one of his colleagues during a difficult encounter with a recipient.  Brad willingly waited with his colleague, changing appointments since no one else was able to assist with the encounter.  The meeting with the recipient had to be rescheduled and once again, Brad came back to assist and even stayed around to help the recipient remove his items from the apartment, even offering to carry items out for the recipient.  Throughout the entire situation, Brand was compassionate and kind towards the recipient. 

In addition, Brad willingly assisted in another incident when a recipient came to the main office looking for his check.  Brad was able to easily identify the gentleman was with another payeeship program and offered the gentleman a bus token and directions, including the bus stops, to reach the office of his payeeship program.  Throughout the entire encounter, Brad was compassionate and caring and went above and beyond to assist the gentleman.  Thank you, Brad, for your excellent work, dedication to our consumers, and the compassion you exhibit for everyone.  Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition.