Alanda Green consistently goes above and beyond to serve our consumers and has been described as “unfailingly dependable.”  Thus, Alanda is the latest recipient of our Employee Recognition Award for her tireless work to ensure our consumers have everything needed to manage their disorders.  Alanda spearheaded the use of the Urgent Care Clinic as an injection clinic for all individuals when mental health centers and outreach programs were unable to provide services due to COVID-19.

Alanda works seamlessly with pharmaceutical companies to obtain samples and get medications through patient assistance programs for consumers with no benefits.  She also provides invaluable support to families of our consumers by providing detailed instructions on medications and fielding questions with compassion and never-ending patience. 

Alanda will be formally recognized at the October 26, 2020, board meeting.  Alanda was described as someone who epitomizes everything a great nurse should be while doing it all with a smile and a sense of humor.  Congratulations, Alanda for being an outstanding nurse and employee.  You enrich the lives of everyone with whom you have contact and leave an indelible mark.