Oak Trees are one of the most loved trees in the world as they symbolize strength, morale, resistance, and knowledge.  They are considered a cosmic storehouse of wisdom embodied in their towering strength.  The oak tree produces acorns each year that potentially grow into new oaks with an average lifespan of 150 to 300 years.  In the same manner, the employees of JBS embody the spirit of the oak tree.  They provide a haven for those in need, while also investing in lives that will eventually grow into a tower of strength.  This month, we celebrate the anniversaries of staff with a combined 254 years of that same strength, morale, resistance, and knowledge found in oak trees.  Thank you for putting down roots at JBS and investing in the lives of so many.  Happy Work Anniversary!

Lynne Swann29 years
Bettie Cogmon25 years
Dionne Stevens23 years
April Cloud22 years
Malissa Galliher17 years
Mary Rembert11 years
Corey Persons10 years
Addie Thomas9 years
Laconia Byron8 years
Sharon Hood8 years
Kathryn Kirksey8 years
Janet Rudolph8 years
Artemese George7 years
Amanda James7 years
David Kabukuru7 years
Lakshmikantha Kumbla7 years
Cathy Metcalf7 years
Dell Walker6 years
William Chambers5 years
Christina Johnson4 years
Clint Jones4 years
Jessica Wilson4 years
Ernetta Bryant3 years
Rodshad George3 years
Deondra Joiner3 years
Ashley Moore3 years
Sherry Sims2 years
Steven Castleberry1 year
Rachel Harper1 year
Alicia Underwood1 year
Robin Wright1 year