Congratulations to all our employees with anniversaries in September 2021.  We appreciate your dedication to JBS and all your hard work to meet the needs of individuals we serve.  Your work has never been more important or needed than at this time as the COVID-19 pandemic lingers on around the globe.  You are providing hope and human connection to many individuals that feel hopeless and cherish the connection they have with you.  Thank you for continually showing up and giving of yourself to help others.  We celebrate you all whether it is your 1st work anniversary with JBS or your 24th anniversary! 

Laconia Byron9 years
Alicia Calloway1 year
William Chambers6 years
April Cloud23 years
Kynslee Cummings1 year
Malissa Galliher18 years
Artemese George8 years
Sharon Hood9 years
Amanda James8 years
Clint Jones5 years
David Kabukuru8 years
Lakshmikantha Kumbla, MD8 years
Cathy Metcalf8 years
Ashley Moore4 years
Phillip Pearson1 year
Mary Rembert12 years
Janet Rudolph9 years
Sherry Sims3 years
Shalamar Smith1 year
Dionne Stevens24 years
Addie Thomas10 years
Dell Walker7 years
Jessica Wilson5 years
Robin Wright2 years