Kia Watson is the Recipient of the August 2022 Employee Recognition Award. She received multiple nominations from her fellow colleagues for her endless dedication and willingness to go above and beyond during the preparation for a recent ADMH site visit. Kia made an effort to travel to every location where Children’s Services staff are housed to assist with uploading documents for credentialing into Paycom. In addition, Kia has taken on additional responsibilities of running psychiatric clinics for new doctors at both the main Children’s Services office location, as well as WMHC clinic.

Whenever there is a gap that needs to be filled, Kia is willing and ready to be the first one to step. Despite the pressure that can often accompany a site visit, Kia maintained a professional and calm demeanor towards the staff and the individuals we serve at all times with a welcoming smile. Congratulations Kia on a well-deserved honor.