Brooke Bissell is the recipient of the March 2023 Employee Recognition Award.  Brooke is a bilingual therapist in Children’s Services working specifically in the Public Health Department  Clinic.  Brooke’s clinics with the psychiatrist are held on Fridays, thus she rarely takes a long weekend or leaves early on Friday.  program.  Brooke never sees her responsibilities as a burden but continues to serve her clients and families with a cheerful attitude and friendly demeanor.  The delight on the faces of her clients and families as she communicates with them in their preferred language of Spanish is impressive and an invaluable asset to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services.  Her colleagues note they hear her speaking Spanish more often than English on some days. 

Despite being the newest clinician, she is the busiest clinician in the Children’s Services Outpatient Office.  Her office is closest in proximity to the waiting room so she is the first person to hear the bell and often the first person to respond, even when it is not her client.  She willingly and cheerfully assists the clients with all their needs, regardless of whether they are on her caseload or not.  Brooke has been observed entertaining the children of her colleagues after her appointments have finished to provide her colleague with the opportunity to meet with the parents.  Brooke always gives 110% and is quick to offer praise to colleagues and offer to share therapy resources.  She radiates positivity and is considered a gift by her colleagues and all those with whom she works.  Congratulations Brooke on a well deserved recognition for your excellent customer service and camaraderie.