Jefferson County Probate Court Liaison Program

JBS Mental Health Authority has a team of mental health professionals located at the Jefferson County Courthouse. The team works with the Jefferson County Probate Judges to assist individuals, families, local agencies and mental health professionals throughout the involuntary commitment process.

First, a petition must be completed at Probate Court, located in the Jefferson County Court House.  A JBS staff member will assist the petitioner in completing the paperwork.

If the respondent (individual needing treatment) is located in the community, the staff member will work with the respondent, petitioner, local mental health professionals and Probate Judge to assess the appropriateness for commitment and determine if there are less restrictive treatment options.  If needed, the respondent may be transported by court order to a local hospital by the Jefferson County’s Sheriff Department.

If the respondent is already located at a local hospital, the JBS staff member will work with the hospital and Probate Judge throughout the commitment process.

When the petition has been approved by the Probate Judge and the respondent is located in a local hospital, a probable cause hearing will be held at the local hospital where the respondent is receiving treatment.

The JBS Mental Health Professionals are located at the Jefferson County Courthouse in room 155

Read more about the commitment process on the Jefferson County Probate Court website.


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