JBS consumers visited the David Marshall Skills Center and enjoyed making Christmas cards, listening to holiday tunes, and staying warm with Christmas treats.  This event was a success from start to finish,  beginning with reminiscing over past Christmas memories while being mindful that this time of year can be especially difficult for many.  That difficulty is even more true this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Amid so much uncertainty, Southside group home residents thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Charisse Parker, Team Leader of Adult Peer Services, and meeting other members of the Peer Team including Peer Services Coordinator, Marie Holliday.  Marie welcomed the residents to the Marshall Center and took part in answering one of the group questions about her favorite Christmas memories from years gone by.  Each resident was able to safely adhere to social distancing guidelines as they worked at their own tables equipped with a cup of “Jingle Mix”, hot cocoa to take with them, and other treats! As they prepared to leave, everyone had a smile on their face and a bag of freebies in their hand! What a way to end 2020!