Lisa Turley is the most recent recipient of the JBS Employee Recognition award. Lisa has been with JBS for over 25 years and at all times, she is an excellent representative for JBS.  She is well known throughout community agencies in mental health, community resources and governmental services.  She represents JBS and the mental health community on numerous advisory and emergency management committees.  Lisa recently became a graduate of Leadership Birmingham. She volunteers to spend her days off at health fairs and community activities.  Lisa adds not just a spark, but an entire bonfire of enthusiasm to everything she does.

In addition to her involvement and liaisons with community resources, Lisa also provides support to JBS and the Birmingham community at large through her position as Office Manager at the Urgent Care Clinic (UCC).  The UCC provides mental health services on a short-term basis for individuals who cannot access care immediately.  She has a “can do” attitude that results in an efficiently organized service delivery pattern by the UCC team for over 400 UCC clients per month.  Without this vital service, our hospitals and jails would be even more overcrowded.

Lisa’s commitment. loyalty, and dedication to JBS make her a worthy recipient!