Sometimes we question what impact we make in the course of our jobs. When that happens, it is important to realize you touch people daily by planting seeds of encouragement, providing support, respectful guidance, and recognizing the worth of each individual served by JBS. We want to acknowledge this list of JBS team members who have given much, through hard work and dedication. Please know you are valued and appreciated, even if you can’t always see it. You have made a difference, be proud!

Teresa Brown29 years
Mindy Kitchen27 years
Norma Abrams25 years
Angie Thomas25 years
Miranda Jowers21 years
Wanda Bent17 years
Katrina Austin16 years
Kathleen Flemming15 years
Sanielle Green15 years
Michael Heath13 years
Althea Long13 years
Sarah Santos13 years
Gerald Steele12 years
Christopher Boyd10 years
Shelby Mcbrayer10 years
Lesley Pendelton10 years
Andrea Mcghee9 years
Laquanda Murphy9 years
Deanna Richardson9 years
Donna Richardson8 years
Ron Hines7 years
Harrel Leano5 years
Latasha Williams5 years
Valarie Campell4 years
Otis Dorsey4 years
Kelvin Hines4 years
Marcus Hood4 years
Shequieta Anderson3 years
Tony Batchelor3 years
CiCi Collier3 years
Jazzmin Reedy.3 years
Anna Uffinger3 years
Norma Allen2 years
Shea Faulkner2 years
Mary Hammond2 years
Casey Hill2 years
Pamela Hudson2 years
Rosalind Myricks2 years
Ebonee Sanders2 years
Chayla Waters2 years
Brittney Crow1 year
Brandon Davis1 year
William Gantt1 year
Christopher Humphrey-Gaines1 year
Cyrondys Jackson1 year
Lamar Russell1 year
Quineterria Thomas1 year
Jacquelyn Wills1 year