At JBS, we acknowledge the fact that we cannot do this work alone. It takes a village, a team, a family to succeed and effectively serve the individuals with whom we work. It fills us with a profound sense of pride to know that we have staff members who have given this company 100%, many for over 20 years. So today JBS would like to thank and congratulate the team members who have and continue to work so hard to help JBS be the leader in community mental health services in the state of Alabama. While we are recognizing those celebrating an anniversary in the month of July, we want to express our deep gratitude to all staff members. We cannot do what we do without you! 

Shunterika Adams5 years
Janet Bimbo3 years
Janice Black24 years
Emily Blankenship4 years
John Bosshart11 years
Christal Carlisle13 years
Michelle Darby22 years
Jan Davis31 years
Jerome Dorsey11 years
Rachelle Glaze2 years
Venita Gowdy18 years
James Green6 years
Cathy Hood3 years
Shannon House19 years
Emily Jenkins1 year
Sharon Johnson13 years
Adolf Jones2 years
Jacqueline Jordan4 years
Aquita Kornegay6 years
Leigh McKay23 years
Regina Monroe26 years
Debra Nash2 years
Heather Perkins11 years
Khayln Perry2 years
Jaleesa Porter2 years
Alynda Randolph1 year
Alice Saulter14 years
Mattie Sims4 years
Nikita Smith4 years
Robert Smith8 years
Lakeshia Thomas2 years
Sanquenese Thomas5 years
Kayla Weaver2 years
Jessica Webb1 year
Belinda Witt10 years