Congratulations to all the JBS employees who are celebrating an anniversary in March. We appreciate your energy, your kindness, and all the work you do, but most of all, we just appreciate you!

JBS is fortunate to have dedicated employees who continue to play a vital role in the services we provide.  When you see one of these folks, please recognize their contribution to JBS and the individuals we serve!

Robert Sims21 years
Kellie Evans 16 years
Rodney Brown15 years
April Johnson13 years
Helen Washington13 years
Lakisha Buchanan  12 years
Kebin Isbell 9 years
Golden Dean9 years
Kathy Belcher8 years
Tonnette Ware8 years
Charles Denton7 years
Alonzo Greenhill6 years
Coretta Bailey6 years
Kimberly Parker5 years
Casandra Ward5 years
Mary Meyer4 years
Mary  Murphy4 years
Anita Megginson4 years
Santa Casiano3 years
Frank Akosa2 years
Kristi Myricks2 years
LaRhonda Pettway2 years
Shayla Pitts 2 years
Brittney Scott1 year
Amber Foster1 year
Jacqueline Howard-Clark1 year
Timyra Curry1 year
Robert Mccants1 year
Twnica Newton1 year
Elizabeth Pepke1 year