Alabama Apart Together is offering an emotional support information line and additional free services to help Alabamians cope with challenges surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Crisis resources, help and information are available statewide through the program funded by a federal grant to the Alabama Department of Mental Health.

“Our phone line is open, and we are here for everyone because this pandemic affects everyone,” said Alabama Apart Together State Director Lisa Turley. She points out that in addition to facing COVID-19 medical challenges, families and individuals are suffering from anxiety, stress and depression tied to multiple difficult situations related to the pandemic. “Many face some of the most stressful situations imaginable– the illness or death of loved ones, unemployment, financial trouble, isolation and the disruption of family life and social activities–all at once,” said Turley who added that telephone counseling can provide great relief and support for those who feel they have nowhere to turn.

Alabama Apart Together provides free crisis resources, help and information through regional providers across the state. The statewide information line is 1-888-442-1793. The information line connects individuals with appropriate staff and programs in their local communities to provide vital resources and services. When an individual seeks assistance from the information line, several options are available, including referral services, online support groups, educational materials for social distancing, quarantine, and isolation, and emotional wellbeing during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“We are grateful for another opportunity to provide Alabama citizens with links to essential supports, during this challenging time of the pandemic,” said Dr. Ileeia Cobb, Director, Office of Policy and Planning, ADMH. The Alabama Department of Mental Health and the Alabama Emergency Management Agency created Alabama Apart Together through a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services.