JBS wishes the 34 employees who are celebrating their work anniversary in the month February a Happy Work Anniversary! The fruit of success is when your colleagues and those we serve adore you. The pleasure in the job you all exhibit lends to perfection in your work and service. Thank you for displaying tolerance, compassion, and love to those we are privileged to serve.

Full NameLength of Service
Delicia Harvey10 years
Jennifer Lavender5 years
Alisha Ransome5 years
Gertha Hill15 years
Jeffrey Sutton2 years
Angie Hopkins3 years
Jordan Manear2 years
Claressa Fells15 years
Lindsey Peoples3 years
Nancy Young15 years
Lavern Dorsey10 years
Haley Thomaston4 years
John Williams5 years
Towanda Pettway1 year
Rotonda Taylor6 years
Jon Brock13 years
Brandon Tindle4 years
Denis Zavodny1 year
Jeraldine Austin2 years
Delgrasha Pruitt1 year
Andrew Hill15 years
Josh White2 years
Carolyn McCurry10 years
Timothy Brown2 years
Kathryn Abrams8 years
Samantha Fields2 years
Vonciel Hines4 years
Brian Lucas15 years
Tomille McGregory1 year
Nicole Young2 years
Julian Burch8 years
James Washington8 years
Bridget Williams1 year
Christopher Kamami4 years