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JBS Deaf Services strives to provide the continuum of psychiatric services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals with a serious mental illness in the community setting in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner. 


Deaf Services was established in 2003 in response to a class action ADA lawsuit filed by a mother of a Deaf man out of frustration at the lack of appropriate and accessible mental health services for Deaf individuals.  The Bailey lawsuit was settled with the establishment of group homes specifically for Deaf individuals with mental illness, a Deaf unit within the state psychiatric hospital, and the establishment of standards for certified mental health interpreters.  JBS took the lead in establishing the Deaf group home beds and had the only group home beds in the state until 2005.  Since the settlement of the Bailey lawsuit, JBS has been the leader in expanding the continuum of care for Deaf individuals by establishing the first Deaf Day Rehabilitation program, the first Deaf MOM apartments, and partnering to move Deaf individuals into independent apartments with Case Management support. 


  • Group Home
  • MOM Apartments
  • Community Supported Housing Apartments
  • Day Rehabilitation Program
  • Deaf Social Events to include Silent Lunch
  • Art Program as part of the Day Rehabilitation Program
  • Community Outings
  • Deaf Centered Vacations


JBS Deaf Services provides residential services to individuals through our 3-bed group home, MOM apartment setting, and independent community apartments in partnership with the Community Supported Housing program.  Individuals in a residential continuum as well as community individuals are provided long-term recovery services aimed at improving functioning, facilitating recovery, achieving personal goals, re-gaining self-worth, optimizing illness management, developing skills to navigate and self-advocate in the “hearing world” and become productive participants in family and community life through our Day Rehabilitation Program 5 days a week.   In addition, Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing individuals needing outpatient therapy are serviced by a therapist fluent in their language of preference. 

Referral Process

Individuals seeking information or services can contact our office and we will be happy to assist with scheduling an appointment or making an appropriate referral for the desired services.

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JBS Mental Health Authority is a participating facility in the National Health Service Corps. No one will be denied access to the services we provide due to an inability to pay, and we use a discounted/sliding fee schedule to determine charges for each person.

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