What started out as an individual outing with one of his matches quickly turned into a large scale outing for the entire residential program. Phillip Pearson quickly realized this would be an enjoyable outing for everyone as we return to life in a post COVID-19 world. Phillip stepped up to organize this event and was able to secure free tickets for all staff and consumers to attend a Birmingham Stallions USFL football game at Protective Life Stadium. He also arranged for $20 vouchers for concessions for each consumer and staff attending the game as Protective Life stadium is a cashless stadium. He also brought cigarettes for everyone because Protective Life Stadium is a smokeless facility with only designated smoking areas.

Phillip went above and beyond to organize an event that was stress-free and enjoyable for all individuals. As a result of Philip’s efforts 140 individuals were able to attend this event. The success of the USFL football game has sparked a fire in Phillip is he is now organizing an outing to the Birmingham Barons baseball game later this week. Phillip consistently goes above and beyond to make sure the individuals in our care have every opportunity to socialize and attend community events. Congratulations Phillip on your employee recognition for June 2022. It is most certainly well deserved.