Dell Walker is named the recipient of the JBS August 2023 Employee of the Quarter.

Ms. Walker has been employed @ JBS since the opening of the JBS Urgent Care Clinic (Brief Psychiatric Care Clinic) in 2013. Dell is kind, caring, and available to the recipients and their families engaged with the clinic. She is the vital link in recipients receiving, not just care with the BPCC team during the 90 days of service, but ensuring those individuals are connected to long-term care, support, information, and obtaining benefits such as SSI, Food Stamps, and housing.

Typically, the BPCC works with most recipients for 90 days or less, but Ms. Walker has some long term recipients on her case load. She has established a relationship with these individuals and their families, ensuring persons are well stabilized and are living their best life. Ms. Walker is a joy to work with on a daily basis. For 10 years, she has been constant, consistent, and caring support to her recipients, their families, outside providers and her co-workers. She has been a mentor to other BPCC case managers and peer support staff.