Community Outreach and Case Management

The Mental Illness Outreach Support Services (MIOSS) program provides individualized person-centered case management services to adults ages 19 and older experiencing a severe mental illness.  Case management services are considered to be a brokerage service in which  case managers work with individuals to link them with services that assist them with living independently in the community.  Case managers meet with the individuals in their homes and in the community.  They provide monitoring, transportation, referrals, and support.  

The overall goal of MIOSS is to promote selfdetermination and independence to adults experiencing a severe mental illness.  There are no costs required for an individual to receive case management services, just a need for services. MIOSS is also a voluntary program, no individual is court ordered to receive services.  

MIOSS is divided into the following program areas:

Adult Outreach and Case Management

This program provides case management services to individuals living independently in the community. This can include various living situations such as living  independently in their own homes that they rent or own, with family or in boarding homes.  Individuals receive mental health treatment from  different service providers including local mental health centers, private psychiatrists, JBS Urgent Care Program, or private doctors.  Case Managers assist individuals with maintaining their independence in the community by linking them to a variety of resources.  Case Managers work closely with the individual’s treatment team to promote stability in the community and to assist and support individuals with developing personal goals

Nursing Services

This service is provided by a “traveling nurse” for administration of long acting injections and assisting with filling weekly medication boxes to promote better compliance with medications.  

JBS Health Department (Boarding Home) Program

The focus of this program is to target individuals residing in a boarding home with the goal of increasing their quality of care.  JBS works in conjunction with the Jefferson County Department of Health and their inspection team. During the inspection process JBS staff assist with making direct contact with the residents that are present during the inspection process, monitor medications, review lease agreements, and report any concerns to the Health Inspector. Adult Case Management services are provided to those individuals residing in a boarding home based on their need for services.  

HUD Supportive Housing Program

This is a HUD funded program through the Birmingham homeless continuum.  The program provides housing with intensive case management to individuals experiencing chronic homelessness.  The program follows the principles of “Housing First”.  

New Community Supportive Housing

This program is designed to assist individuals with transitioning from a residential setting to community independence. These case managers assist in helping clients maintain independent housing in apartments in which JBS holds the lease. The program also has 1 Bridge case manager who works with a maximum of 6 individuals who have been identified as ready for independent living by the JBS Residential Program. The Bridge case manager assists in locating housing and works with the individuals on a shortterm basis before transferring the case to an Adult Outreach or Supported Housing case manager for long term care.

Homeless Services

This program is funded by the SAMHSA PATH program.  The program provides case management, psychiatric services, nursing services and street outreach to individuals experiencing homelessness.  The goal of the program is for individuals to be psychiatrically stable and housed.  The street outreach team consists of peers (individuals with lived experience with mental illness and homelessness) who provide outreach to individuals living on the streets who have become disengaged with services with the intent of trying to get them connected with services to end their homelessness.  

To make a referral for Community Outreach and Case Management call (205) 595-4555.

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