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The JBS Children’s Services Program provides non-traditional, intensive, home-based therapy, out-patient treatment, care coordination, intensive care coordination, and psychiatric services to children with a serious emotional disturbance and their families who reside within the tri-county catchment area. Children who are eligible for these services must be between the ages of 5-18 years, have a DSM-5 diagnosis, have serious and persistent functional problems within their home, school and/or community and, as a result, are considered to be at risk for out-of-home placement. 

Intensive In-Home Intervention

In-Home Intervention is a program designed to provide home-based mental health services for children, adolescents and their families, in an effort to prevent out-of-home placement of the identified child/adolescent consumer. 

In-Home Intervention provides services that are timely, accessible and intense.  The services are provided on an outreach basis, with professional staff dispatched to work intensively with children and families in their homes. Children and adolescents appropriate and eligible for this program are usually exhibiting severe emotional/behavioral problems. The problematic behavior should be of a duration and frequency that disrupts severely the functioning of the family, and/or the child’s functioning in the family, with peers, or in school performance, or in using/acquiring age appropriate basic living skills. The term “children” includes persons in the age range from five to eighteen. For in-home intervention to be appropriate and indicated, the child must also be in danger of imminent removal from the home due to their current behaviors.

In-Home Intervention is two-fold in its purpose. The primary mission is to intervene in a crisis to prevent out-of-home placement of a child while providing professional assistance to increase and maintain family cohesion. Its second priority is to utilize care coordinators to assist families in locating and using community services from which they may have been previously isolated. The care coordinators also may provide placement follow up to assist in the reunification of a child and his/her family.

Referrals for In-Home Intervention can be received in our Children’s Services program from community partners, professionals, and/or parent/guardians.  

For further information regarding these services, please contact Jan Davis, Clinical Director, at 205-443-2285 or Lynne Swann, Administrative Assistant at 205-443-2233.


Group Of High School Students Running Along CorridorCommunity Partners

JBS Children’s Services program provides direct services to a number of community partners. These partners contract directly with our program to provide an array of services (evaluations, out-patient treatment, care coordination, intensive care coordination, psychiatric services) to children and families involved in their agencies/schools. Partners include:

  •  Alabama Department of Mental Health 
  • Alabama Department of Youth Services 
  • Birmingham City Schools
  • Blount County Juvenile Court 
  • Blount County Schools
  • Homewood City Schools 
  • Jefferson County Department of Health 
  • Jefferson County Department of Human Resources
  • Jefferson County Family Court
  • Jefferson County Schools 
  • Odenville City Schools 
  • Pell City Schools 
  • St. Clair County Department of Human Resources
  • St. Clair County Schools
  • St. Clair Juvenile Court
  • Western Mental Health Clinic 

JBS Mental Health Authority
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