Words can only express so much and are not nearly enough to say thank you for all your hard work. We are so grateful for the experience and insight each of you brings to our agency and the individuals we serve. Warmest Wishes this month as you each celebrate your Work Anniversary!

Richard Allen3 years
Leatoya Bell7 years
Dichelle Bibb5 years
Cornelius Burson9 years
Shelia Coleman15 years
Kassondra Collins8 years
Tammy Cotton3 years
Joy Crowder24 years
Allison Cvengros3 years
Debbie Dancy10 years
Everlene Day7 years
Mark Dupre15 years
Veronica Fondren10 years
Sheila Foreman10 years
James Garrett1 year
Lashawn Hill1 year
LaTrice Johnson3 years
Jasmine Kirkland, Jasmine1 year
Joyce Maneice-Marbury9 years
Eldridge Matthews2 years
Sparkle McGhee, Sparkle S.3 years
Gloria McKinney6 years
Ramonica Mickler2 years
Christian Myers5 years
Scott Prestley5 years
Amanda Rafferty2 years
Sharon Scott12 years
Joel Smith6 years
Monique Soles9 years
Elizabeth Sturdivant2 years