As the month draws to a close, we want to take a moment and recognize our colleagues who are celebrating a work anniversary this month. The last year has brought many changes to all of our lives, but we are thankful each of you chose to be a member of the JBS team. We have accomplished the unimaginable by continuing to serve individuals as our world faced a global pandemic. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to stay in the fight with us this past year. While the fight is not over, we are certainly glad to have you all on our team! Happy Work Anniversary!

NameLength of Service
Bob Sims22 years
Lakisha Buchanan13 years
Hailey Dixon1 year
April Johnson14 years
Tonnette Ware9 years
Helen Washington14 years
Rodney Brown16 years
Afiwa Aleke1 year
Timyra Curry2 years
Coretta Bailey7 years
Golden Dean10 years
Charlie Denton8 years
Casandra Ward6 years
 Rod McCants2 years
Frank Akosa3 years
Rickey Granderson1 year
Kellie Evans17 years
Amber Foster2 years
 Kathy Belcher9 years
Jalisha Gordon1 year
Kebin Isbell10 years
Swarada Yadav1 year