Congratulations to all the JBS employees who are celebrating an anniversary in April. We are certainly experiencing work in a different way than we ever expected! We appreciate your energy, your willingness to be flexible, your kindness, and all the work you do. But most of all, we just appreciate you!

JBS is fortunate to have dedicated employees who continue to play a vital role in the services we provide.  Since you probably won’t see one of these folks, feel free to send them an email to recognize their contribution to JBS and the individuals we serve!

Christopher Redin25 years
Jessie Madison-Mclemore18 years
Teresa Hunter15 years
Tiffany Windsor15 years
Earnestine Battle12 years
Ann Jenkins12 years
Eli Campbell10 years
Amber Woodard10 years
Lovetta McDaniel9 years
Anthony Weldon9 years
Sandy Wiggins9 years
Eric Adams8 years
Theresa Robinson8 years
Phillip Turner8 years
Kecia Poole6 years
Sivi Woolridge6 years
Stephen Strickland5 years
Pauline Truss5 years
Pashon Herrod4 years
Furnie Johnston4 years
Cheryl Marks4 years
Dreonna Davis3 years
Mack Pippen3 years
Monique Smith3 years
Audrey Bond2 years
Kimberly Matthews2 years
L. T. Scott III2 years
Charlotte Brown1 year
Sonya Eason1 year
Amanda Haggerty1 year
Minnie Merrill1 year
Jeremey Puskar1 year
Jessica Starks1 year
Sarah Phalen1 year