As our world has been turned upside down, we are thankful for the loyalty and dedication of our employees.  This month we celebrate JBS employees with work anniversaries in October.  There is a combined total of 348 years of commitment to serving our consumers, ranging from our Executive Director to Psychiatrists to Therapists to Case Managers to Home Coordinators to Mental Health Technicians.  No matter your role in the organization, you are vital to the operation and mission of JBS and we could not do it without you.  The work each person does to enrich the lives of those we serve is invaluable and cannot be underestimated.  Happy work anniversary to you all! 

Derritta Ford Gainer31 years
Jim Crego25 years
Lisa Turley25 years
Becky Milstead18 years
Michele Sellers18 years
Robin McCarty16 years
Charney Smith16 years
Romaine Hain, M.D.15 years
Shenise Allen10 years
Amjed Javaid, M.D.9 years
Bernice Washington9 years
Dena Adams8 years
Derex Rutledge8 years
Robin Thomas8 years
Latania Holbdy7 years
Monquie Marshall7 years
Jose Ramery7 years
Sheryl Spidell7 years
Andree Stoves, M.D.7 years
Brandi DeRamus6 years
Cynthia Taylor5 years
Frederick Toliver5 years
Wendy Goodwin4 years
Arletha Smith4 years
Keith Braxton3 years
Shayla Brooks3 years
Laurisha Brown3 years
Leesha Ellis-Cox, M.D.3 years
Wanda Groom3 years
Amber Jones3 years
Sheila Mays3 years
Camille Moore3 years
Rachel Palmore3 years
Anissa Thomas3 years
Felecia Thomas3 years
Monique Thomas3 years
Tameka Turner3 years
Chabela Warren3 years
Justin Weatherly3 years
Sam Zuckerman3 years
Ronnesha Hughes2 years
Michael Latham2 years
Mary Martin2 years
Mary Rogers2 years
Kiera Sanders2 years
Beth Strickling2 years
Leslie Tyree2 years
Wiley Waters2 years
Shaunda Williams2 years
Killette Anderson1 year
Andria Bradley1 year
Tiffany Davis1 year
Jalisa Gilliam1 year
James Lewis1 year
Amechy Waller1 year
Charisse Wimbley1 year