The winner of the June 2021 Employee Recognition Award is Jennifer Sealtiel.  Jennifer consistently provides quality care to the individuals in her group home and has a true love and compassion for them all.  The care she provides can only be rated as 5-star, always ensuring they have what they need and being proactive in their medical care.  She does not approach their medical care with an attitude of “that is the nurse’s job” but rather assumes full responsibility and is always advocating for them.  She has taken the most difficult clinical cases and turned the consumers into the easiest and most compliant.  Recently, she had a new consumer moved to her group home abruptly due to the individual leaving her other group home in a very fragile state.  Jennifer expressed no opposition and welcomed the new consumer with open arms even though the weekend was approaching.  She quickly became proactive to secure a PRN medication in case the consumer became agitated or began experiencing an increase in symptoms.  She effectively communicated with her staff about the consumer’s fragile state so that everyone could work to make this placement successful.  Her advocacy and proactive nature resulted in the consumer having no issues over the weekend that required PRN medication, the consumer remaining in the group home, and the consumer feeling safe and comfortable enough to be smiling with the staff by Monday.  Jennifer truly embraces the duties of a Home Coordinator and is an outstanding example of the type of individuals we need working in the Residential Program.  One individual stated they could think of no higher compliment than to say they would choose Jennifer to be the Home Coordinator for their own family member every day, because they knew their family member would receive top notch care in a compassionate manner.  Congratulations Jennifer on an outstanding job!