In the month of April, we had 28 JBS employees celebrated their work anniversary for a combined total of 241 years of service.  Hard work, loyalty and diligence are the cornerstones of great employees and the years of service demonstrate these qualities in all the staff celebrating an anniversary this month.  We want to take a moment to recognize your commitment and thank you for your dedication to JBS and the individuals we serve.  Happy Work Anniversary!

Eric L. Adams9 years
Earnestine Battle13 years
Audrey Bond3 years
Eli Campbell11 years
Dreonna Davis4 years
Sonya Eason2 years
Amanda Haggerty2 years
Pashon Herrod5 years
Teresa Hunter16 years
Ann Jenkins13 years
Wes Johnston5 years
Jessica Kelley1 year
Jessie Madison-McLemore19 years
Cheryl Marks5 years
Lovetta McDaniel10 years
Mack Pippen4 years
Kecia Poole7 years
Christopher Redin26 years
Theresa Robinson9 years
Stephen Strickland6 years
Pauline Truss6 years
Phillip Turner9 years
Sarah Vest2 years
Anthony Weldon10 years
Sandy Wiggins10 years
Tiffany Windsor16 years
Amber Woodard11 years
Sivi Woolridge7 years