In accordance with the statewide “Stay at Home” orders from Gov. Ivey, the residents of JBS residential group homes and supported apartments have been asked to remain in the home, only venturing outside occasionally for fresh air and sunshine.  Day Treatment programs have been closed since March 17 and outings for shopping and entertainment have been suspended.  Many who are confined to their homes are feeling the stress of isolation.

On April 24, the staff of the North Georgia Road group home celebrated their residents for a job well done during the COVID-19 crisis. The residents are staying busy with arts and crafts, courtesy of the Day Treatment staff.  The featured drawing of the home was done by a talented artist who lives at the home. One of the of the guys is assisting staff with meal prep, others are helping with putting groceries and janitorial supplies away.  Their therapist and counselor talk with each person weekly by phone. The staff are conducting groups in the home and they continue to reinforce the importance of social distancing, proper sanitation and staying safe. For these reasons, the staff have been doing shopping for the residents.

The celebration was planned to show the staff’s appreciation for the efforts each person has made to help prevent the spread of the virus and to contribute to harmony in the home. Everyone was given a certificate, and of course, what is a celebration without CAKE?

Kudos to the residents and the staff of North Georgia Rd., JBS Nation appreciates you all!!