Scott Prestley was honored with the October 2021 Employee Recognition Award.  Scott works in the Jefferson County Probate Court program as an Outpatient Commitment (OPC) Case Manager.  However, he does not see his work as limited to the five months duration of the outpatient commitment order in which an individual is receiving services from the OPC Team.  Scott has voluntarily agreed to continue providing case management services for individuals after the OPC order has expired, particularly those with a high hospital recidivism rate.  He has been providing case management services for two specific individuals who have been in treatment since 1999, who prior to his involvement, were chronically unstable and had multiple hospitalizations.  Through his compassionate and client focused care, they have been able to remain in the community for longer period of time, thus remaining together as a couple with Scott’s unwavering support and intervention.  Scott is known as an individual who willing takes on tasks that are not necessarily within his job description but need to be done for the benefit of the individuals we serve.  He is known to make last minute trips for emergency appointments or to pick up medications just to ensure the individuals receive the necessary services.  Scott consistently advocates for the individuals with whom he works as they navigate the system at JBS and the mental health system.  He goes above and beyond to assist his co-workers and is an excellent case manager.  Scott truly carries out the mission of JBS daily with compassion and commitment.  Congratulations Scott on a well-deserved honor!