Amanda Haggerty was selected as the winner of the February 2021 Employee Recognition Award.  She was recognized by her colleagues and peers for her willingness to assist others with anything without being asked and truly exemplifying what it means to be a team player.  Amanda has gone above and beyond her duties as Payroll Accountant to assist in the administration of COVID-19 rapid tests to consumers and staff.  Despite the uncomfortable nature of the test, Amanda administered the tests with care and compassion.  She has always been respectful and addressed each consumer and staff by name when providing a COVID-19 test, even going the extra mile to purchase lollipops to give to the individuals after having to be swabbed for the COVID-19 test. 

As part of her regular duties, Amanda goes above and beyond to explain the payroll system and time clock system to individuals struggling to understand.  She willingly meets with people to review their concerns about pay and how to use the Kronos system without frustration.  She goes above and beyond to ensure staff are paid accurately and timely.  Despite needing to repeat herself multiple times a day, Amanda maintains a positive attitude and helpful disposition.  She has consistently come in early or stayed late to ensure everyone desiring a COVID-19 test received it, all while keeping her primary job responsibilities up to date. 

Her humor makes the workplace enjoyable and she will certainly cheer up any room when she enters.  Although she does not have direct interaction with the consumers on a consistent basis, she takes interest in their lives and always wants them to have the best quality of life.  If there is anything she can do to improve the quality of life for our consumers, she is the first to volunteer.

In a time where it is difficult for people to show kindness and acceptance of others, Amanda accepts everyone for who they are without judgment.  Her kindness and sense of humor are contagious to all who are around her.  She embodies the spirit of JBS of meeting individuals where they are at and helping them to improve.  Congratulations, Amanda!