Marie Holliday is the recipient of the December 2021 Employee Recognition Award.  Marie serves as the adult peer services supervisor and continually leads by her example.  She has a heart for the people we serve, as well as everyone.  Through her leadership, JBS has remained the largest employer of certified peer specialists in the state and the caliber of employees is amazing.  By her own example, Marie has inspired the peers she supervises to become involved and active in all levels of mental health advocacy.  Many serve on various boards and councils at the state level to include the MI Planning Council, Wings Across Alabama, NAMI Alabama, ADAP’s PAIMI Advisory Council, and as state certified Peer Support Specialist trainers.  Through her diligence and passion for the work she does, Marie has seamlessly supervised the peers and implemented and modeled for every JBS employee and consumer what it means to be a team player.

 Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Marie went above and beyond to think outside of the box so that peer services could continue to be provided to the JBS consumers.  Under Marie’s leadership, JBS Peer Services has begun to bill for the services provided to individuals, developed new peer initiatives, and helped to facilitate the partnership with Grace Klein Community to provide additional healthy food to JBS consumers.  As a supporter of the “underdog” and a vocal advocate for the rights of human beings for care and recovery, Marie exemplifies the values and mission of JBS.  Congratulations, Marie!