Brian Smith is an exceptional peer with an exceptional story. Prior to being a Vocational Rehabilitation client who was referred to one of the JBS Vocational Peer Specialists, Brian had never heard of a CPS (Certified Peer Specialist). After meeting with his CPS Phillip Pearson, a spark of hope was ignited, and Brian applied for a job with JBS and became a certified peer support specialist! His passion for recovery has been the driving force that has propelled him to a place he never knew existed. Because of being born with Spina Bifida and having mental health challenges Brian has become a passionate advocate for including and representing people whatever there challenge may be. Brian accomplishes this goal by modeling recovery for the people that we serve through one-on-one peer sessions, facilitating various groups, re-introducing peer services to UCC Clients, as well as sharing his personal recovery story. He has shared his personal recovery story in JBS residential homes and alongside the Southside Group Home last year during their weekly visits to Red Barn in Leeds. These are just a few of the ways Brian has exemplified what employee of the month is all about. Brian has become an invaluable asset not only to Peer Services but JBS as a whole, as he began a new role as CPS at the Urgent Care Clinic in January. Brian is an inspiration to us all and he proves that no limitation can prevent you from attaining your goals! Congratulations Brian!