Jacquelyn Lockett Peeples began her employment  with JBS on November 13, 1978, as a Live-In Training Assistant in our Intellectual Disabilities division.Jackie graduated from Stillman College in 1977, and her reference letter from the chairman of the school’s Division of Business, Education, and Social Sciences noted her punctual attendance, submission of assigned materials in a timely manner neat appearance, and maturity with s very stable personality.  

Jackie went on to become a Home Coordinator in the Intellectual Disabilities program in August 1980, at a home on 16th Avenue South.  She went on to serve as Home Coordinator at two other homes, St. Charles and Cleveland Avenue before being promoted to Assistant Program Director for Intellectual Disabilities in January 1985.  She held that  position until March 1, 2011, when she was selected to lead the Intellectual Disabilities program for JBS.  Jackie remained in this capacity until September 2014, when she was instrumental in ensuring the  successful transfer of the Intellectual Disabilities program individuals, facilities, and  the  majority of the staff to the ARC of Jefferson County.  After the transfer of the Intellectual Disabilities program, Jackie remained at JBS and served as the Bryce Liaison and began her current position as Assistant Director of Mental Illness Residential Services.  

It is not often a business has an employee with 41 years of service.  Jackie’s loyalty to the individuals we serve, the staff with whom she worked, and JBS is greatly appreciated.  Her knowledge, experience, and pleasant demeanor will be greatly missed.  As Jackie retires, she has an outstanding career to be proud of, as well as the knowledge that she has impacted the  lives of everyone she has touched.  We send you off into retirement with a tremendous amount of love and respect and much appreciation for her dedication and years of service.  We wish Jackie a happy and healthy retirement!