Dr. Derritta Ford-Gainer retired from JBS Mental Health Authority on Friday, February 26, 2021.  She began her employment with JBS in 1989 as a Home Coordinator in what was then called our MR division.  In May of 1992, she was hired by David Phillips to serve under his as the Assistant Director of the MI Residential Program.  In August of 2015, Derritta was promoted to the Program Director position.  She has seen significant changes at JBS in general and specifically in the MI Residential Program during her tenure.  In 2017, her duties were expanded when JBS consolidated the POP and MI Residential programs under one umbrella and her supervision.

Derritta is a hard worker who has had a tremendous impact on a significant number of lives.  She is kind, yet firm.  She has a radiant smile and almost always a pleasant disposition.  Derritta has been a stable force in a program that never rests.  She had a huge job that she managed with grace and by putting on a lot of hours.  We are certain she was happy to go home Friday night and not have to worry about the nearly 300 consumers or 228 employees she has shepherded for many years. 

We hope your retirement is happy and healthy and we can never fully express our gratitude for all she has contributed to JBS.  We will certainly miss her but know her retirement is well deserved.