The 1920 Club

The 1920 Club Drop-In Center
1920 10th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35205

The 1920 club was founded in 2001 and located in the heart of the historic Southside community.

The 1920 Club is a member-run, drop-in center for people in recovery from mental illness. Members voluntarily come for socialization, fellowship, education, and peer support.  The 1920 Club, founded in 2001 and located in the heart of the historic Southside community.  It is governed by the Sharing Place, Inc. Board of Directors which consists primarily of members assisted by community leaders and volunteers.  The Program Coordinator is a Certified Peer Specialist.

All club members are encouraged to be involved in planning activities and outings, ensuring that the needs and desires of the members are met.  Involvement in planning also affords members the opportunity to gain confidence and leadership skills.  The club provides a strong sense of community, along with opportunities for developing friendships which contributes to overcoming the isolation, discrimination, abuses, and lack of empowerment arising from the stigma associated with mental illness in the general population.

Peer Support Groups led by JBS Certified Peer Specialists are offered each morning, and an afternoon group run by a Certified Peer Specialist is offered for those not able to attend the morning group.

In addition to peer led groups, the 1920 Club offers quarterly field trips planned by the members and have included restaurants, art and historical museums, and sporting events, to name a few.  There are also opportunities to participate in art groups, music groups and a hot lunch is provided daily

The 1920 Club is a non-clinical program.  Conventional mental health treatment services are not provided at the drop-in center.

Financial support is provided by the Alabama Department of Mental Health (ADMH) and from generous donations.

How to join:  All members must be in current and continuing recovery from mental illness.  Verification of mental illness must be provided to become a member of the 1920 Club.  Contact the Program Coordinator at

JBS Mental Health Authority
940 Montclair Rd.
Birmingham AL 35213

205.595.4555 Office
205.592.3539 Fax

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