If you’re reading this, then you have found our new JBS website.  We hope you are pleased with the new look and our new JBS logo.  We established a Marketing Committee a few months ago and they have been meeting for a couple of months to develop a logo and web site that highlights our growing outpatient services and enhances our marketing efforts to referral sources and the community.  The themes we focused on are hope, recovery, quality services, staff dedication and excellence. The stylized umbrella in our logo reflects the role that JBS plays in our 3 county catchment area with the responsibility to plan, develop and implement mental health services.  The blue ribbon that makes up the logo signifies the quality of our staff and the services they provide.

Thank you to Shawn Wright Designs and to the committee members for their ongoing work. The Marketing Committee members are Karen Fowler, Ipella King, Robbyn Lawson, Shameka Dorrough, Michele Sellers, Marie Holliday and Lisa Turley.