JBS Peer Services is sponsoring a Book Fair at Hillcrest Hospital for individuals, youth and adult, who are currently on inpatient units.  The Book Fair is the brainchild of Charisse Parker, Youth Peer Services coordinator.  She has received donations of over 650 books and 75 magazines from Little Professor Bookstore in Homewood, multiple branches of Birmingham Public Library (BPL), the Friends of the BPL downtown bookstore and The Literacy Council.

Reading is an excellent coping skill for many in times of stress or frustration but most importantly books provide people a way of seeing a bigger world. Access to adequate reading material has been limited. The joy and astonishment on their faces when they learn they can actually KEEP the books is priceless.  Kudos to Charisse and her team for going above and beyond to serve!

“Providing youth with unlimited access to books and magazines is so important as it helps them on their road to recovery by empowering them to be proactive. They choose a book. They choose what type of book. They choose when to read. Something seemingly insignificant to most of us means everything to them. In addition I am confident that many will fall in love with books and the art of reading  and the empowerment that comes with expressing one’s self will ignite a spark within them to not only continue reading but to see the benefit of  writing, journaling and expressing themselves.” -Charisse Parker 

Charisse with donated book