Konesia Abrams has been a loyal employee of JBS for nearly 18 years.  She currently works in the Mental Illness Residential program as a Field Rep for the Adult Foster Care program. In this role, Konesia consistently performs above and beyond the call of duty.  She is conscientious and thorough in her work and provides important support to Foster Home operators and the residents.  Konesia has been known to drop by the Foster Homes to check on the wellbeing of her clients – on/off the clock, weekdays/weekends.  She is always on-call (even when she is off work) and remains in constant contact with all her facilities.

An important aspect of her job is to develop and maintain good relationships with our community partners, such as the Crisis Center, Piper Place, Eastside Mental Health Center and many more. She is well known and well respected. Teamwork is a key attribute of Konesia.  She frequently jumps in to assist other staff with paperwork, med deliveries, inspections, relocation and other needs that arise.

All these qualities are the reason Konesia was nominated and chosen by a committee of JBS employees to receive the first Employee Recognition award.  Her name will be engraved on a plaque in the main lobby of JBS.  Congratulations to Konesia Abrams!

Editor’s note: Konesia received this award on February 24, 2020. Many apologies for leaving it in draft and delaying the post,