Congratulations to all the JBS employees who are celebrating an anniversary in February. We appreciate your energy, your kindness, and all the work you do, but most of all, we just appreciate you!

JBS is fortunate to have dedicated employees who continue to play a vital role in the services we provide.  When you see one of these folks, please recognize their contribution to JBS and the individuals we serve!

Brian Lucas   14 years
Gertha Hill 14 years
Claressa.Fells 14 years
Nancy Young 14 years
Andrew Hill 14 years
Jon Brock 12 years
Delicia Harvey 9 years
Lavern Dorsey 9 years
Carolyn McCurry 9 years
Kathryn Abrams 7 years
Julian Burch 7 years
James Washington 7 years
Faith Stone 5 years
Rotonda Taylor 5 years
Jennifer Lavender 4 years
Alisha Ransome 4 years
John Williams 4 years
Jilleon Austin 3 years
Vonciel Hines 3 years
Christopher Kamami 3 years
Haley Thomaston 3 years
Brandon Tindle 3 years
Angie Hopkins 2 years
 Lindsey Peoples 2 years
Charee Smith 2 years
Timothy Brown 1 year
Jordon Manear 1 year
Jeraldine Austin 1 year
Joshua White 1 year
Jeffrey Sutton 1 year
Samantha Fields 1 year
Nicole.Young 1 year